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To The Homeowners & Residents of Nantucket Subdivision:

Thanks to those who found time to attend last Thursday's meeting to elect a new trustee and further the discussion on the updated indentures.
A special thank you to Denise and Juliet for volunteering to fill the open trustee position.
Good luck Julie going forward- as an Emeritus Trustee- I am available at any time to help the Board.

It has been my great pleasure to serve as a trustee in the Nantucket Subdivision.
What started out as a coerced approval to help out an old friend has turned into a fantastic learning experience for me.
I recommend every resident give it a try.

While I acknowledge that at times residents were as upset with me as I was with them, I tried to see all points of view.
However, my purpose as a Trustee was one sided- the well-being of Nantucket Subdivision for all homeowners and residents.

As I depart as your Trustee, Nantucket is at a crossroads in our 25 year history.
We can either choose to maintain the status quo of the past 25 years and hope for the best.
Our we can follow the first quote of "The Three Happens"-
    Make Things Happen-
    Watch Things Happen-
    Look around and say--- "Wow! What Just Happened?"

Or we can set by and watch and then be upset when ---- it happens.

Perhaps an alternative- we can each offer a part of ourselves- no matter how small or large- to help move the community forward.
Learn more about the need for updated Indentures, neighborhood committees, be involved, help your neighbors maintain their property values where possible, etc.
Make Things Happen.

The ill-advised use of social media, clandestine meetings, and fact-less rumors serves only those with a personal agenda and is not conducive to the community.
If you have a question- don't depend on the Fact-Less "Experts"- contact DNI Properties or the Trustees.

Ask yourself one question- Why did I move here?
Was it was to live the "Status Quo"?
Or was it to live in a community that continues to be one of the most desirable and affordable in West St. Louis County?

Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer.
There. I said it three times. It is now in your memory.
Please act on it in a manner that sets a positive example of you as a valued resident of Nantucket.
Help your elected Trustees to ensure the neighborhood continues to be a desirable location.
Please make sure our property management company has your preferred method of contact.
Some prefer email, some snail mail, some by phone- help them to help you.

I openly welcome any fact-based feedback.
Call me at 636-458-0361
Email me at: (Yes I still have an AOL account- I like hearing the guy tell me I have mail).
Or send me a contact email via the web site:

Thank you.

Doug Doser


Next Homeowners Meeting will be Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 6;30 PM at the Clubhouse.

Please plan to attend the neighborhood needs you.

Please search for "Nantucket the Subdivision" on FaceBook & "like" our page.

We would like to use the FaceBook page to communicate with residents on subdivision matters and encourage reseidents to use this method to contact us.



Due to deteriation of the tennis court surfaces and surrounding areas the tennis courts have been closed for resident use.

Currently information is being gathered to best determine the next course of action.

Resident input & suggestions are welcomed and requested. Please contact DNI Properties if you would like to help.

Home burglaries where garage doors have been leftg up continue to be the greatest threat to our neighborhood.

Please keep your garage door down and locked when possible.

Recently there have been several home burgalries in the Wildwood area with one in our neighborhood.


Please be aware of your surroundings and notify Wildwood police department of any extraordinary circumstances you might encounter.






As described in the Nantucket Indentures- all trash recepticles are to be kept inside garages or in approved underground containing facilities on all days except trash pickup day.

Please be considerate of your neighbors- having containers on the sides of your residence may have them out of your site line but them may still be in full view of your neighbors. Let's keep the neighborhood attractive.


-Please click on tab for "Citizen Watch" to review latest Neighborhood Watch Newsletter prepared by St. Louis County Police Department.



 -Any outside work &/or improvements to the exterior of your home require the approval of the Nantucket Board of Trustees BEFORE the work is started. Architectural Request forms to obtain approval can be obtained from the Forms Section of this web site. Please contact us with any proposed work before starting the project.

-Street Light Out? Report it to Ameren UE at 1-800-552-7583. Follow the prompts to reach a customer service representative. They will ask you for the nearest street address or the "Z" number. The Z number is an identifying number that can be found on the light pole.

-City of Wildwood E-Newsletter- Each week the City of Wildwood distributes an e-newsletter filled with up-to-date information regarding meetings and community events, road closings and construction updates, and helpful tips. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, please follow these steps:
1. Go to: website.
2. Click on the E-News Sign-Up tab button?at the left side of the home page.
3. Complete the on-line form and you will start receiving the e-newsletter each week.?

-The trustees are requesting assistance in areas of management of the subdivision. If you would like to be involved, please contact one of the trustees for further information. Committees will be formed for areas such as landscaping, 4th of July celebration, neighborhood garage sales, and will be reporting directly to the trustees. Please think about becoming involved and helping out where possible. The 4th of July Celebration is in dire need of helpers!! It doesn't take much time and it goes a long way to help out during the activiites. 

Please consider volunteering- together we can all help preserve the excellent quality of the subdivision and help maintain higher property values for the neighborhood.

-While it is enjoyable to walk through the neighborhood, especially with your favorite household pet, it is not enjoyable for others to encounter remnants of the pets call from nature. Please make provisions on each walk to clean up after your pet, and dispose of the evidence in a friendly manner rather than leave it for your Nantucket neighbors to deal with.?Your pet will thank you for the exercise, and your neighbors will appreciate your leaving the area as pristine as you found it.?

-We ask that everyone please take care to lock the tennis courts securely once you have finished using them. The courts are NOT available for use by skateboarders/rollerbladers. Please do not get keys for others that do not live in the neighborhood, and please let a trustee know of anyone using the courts that are no longer a resident of the neighborhood. If need be we will have to get a new lock and keys made. Also, upon leaving the courts please take your trash with you. We really want to keep our tennis courts looking nice.

-Clubhouse/pool rentals-The clubhouse is available for rent by all Nantucket residents that are up to date on their assessments. This can be used for baby showers, birthday parties, or any gathering up to 35 people. The pool can only be rented from the close of the pool till 12am. If you are interested, please contact Ingrid Stewart at DNI Properties 314-576-0700 ext 105 or  The cost is $50.00. Unfortunately, we are unable to lend out the clubhouse or reserve the common grounds. Rental forms can be found in the "Forms" section of this website.

-Home improvements- Just a reminder, if you are doing anything to alter the exterior of your home, including- but not limited to- replacing roofing shingles- please remember that trustee approval is required as per your subdivision indentures. This would also include fences, decks, in-ground pools, retaining walls, siding, painting of the exterior, or any major landscaping project. A form is available on-line for these requests. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Ingrid Taylor at DNI properties at 314-576-0700 ext 105.?The Architectural Request Form required to obtain trustee approval can be found in the "Forms" section of this website.

****Please respect your neighbors and do not allow your children to cut through or play in other residents yards without their permission. This includes children on bikes. If this continues to be an issue, please notify the parents of the children.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact one of the trustees or Ingrid Stewart at DNI properties at 314-576-0700 ext 105.

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